Dear Buyer

Four years ago, I was you. As a single mom with 2 kids I scoured real estate
websites and searched for my first home to raise my little family in. Then, I found this house, and we transformed it and made it ours. We painted every room, and replaced all the carpet. These walls witnessed our transition from a home with a single mom with two kids to a blended family with two parents and a new baby. I have loved this house….it has been good to us. This house tells our story, and I’d like to tell you a little about that.

When we first came to this house my children were 5 and 9. They were all giggles and smiles at the realization they could be as loud as they wanted without worrying about the “people downstairs or upstairs”. We were excited to make this house our own – to make it fresh and new and have the freedom to live as we wanted to. The children decided they would take the room downstairs, and it was fun listening to them convince each other what color to pick. They ended up painting half the room orange and half teal! That was a sight to see! Don’t worry…that has been corrected now.

The big open space of the living room was a family favorite. That often was the venue of “family soccer games” with 2 make shift goals and a mini ball…. lots of laughs and maybe some broken items came of those games.

There were so many memories made that I will always cherish.
We hosted many birthday parties with lots of friends, and family in the open kitchen. It was so convenient to have the deck directly off the kitchen area, and it made entertaining so much easier! I never wanted to leave any friends out so we would sometimes have about 20 kids there. The kids loved it and so did I. Our house was the house where all the neighbor kids always came knocking on the door and felt comfortable to come right in and hang out.

The yard is definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole house. It is huge! I can’t count how many soccer games were played in the yard. I would love being in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes and hearing laughing and giggles outside the window and looking out and seeing my kids and all their friends having a blast. There is so much space to run and play and also lots of space to garden if you are into that. The sky is the limit to what you can do with all of that space it really is great!

The garage is another spot in the house that has really been a great part of the house. We’ve had many garage sales in that garage. We’ve also used it for barbecues and picnics and bday parties. We even had a snow cone machine in there. You could also park your car in there if you choose.

Most recently this house is where we first came home as husband and wife with my kids that now had a step dad, and where we brought home our baby girl this December. It’s very bitter sweet to be at the point that we are looking to sell this house that has been the place of many many great memories and beginnings.

This leads us to why we are leaving. Our family has grown and we are now too big for this home. This house was kind to us. It is the backdrop for so many important memories. But now it’s time for us to go. It gave us space to start our “new” family. I wish you the same good fortune, and love that I’ve known under this roof. I open the door for you, and smile, and invite you inside.